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An update? Woah...that's odd...seeing as I haven't updated in...a long time.

So I'm getting ready to go back to school. It should suck. It's going to, but my mother, a hopeless optimist, is telling me it's going to be great. Sure Mom, whatever.

Despite the fact that I haven't posted in forever, I'm on every single day. Weird...I need to change my layout, this one sucks with my avatar.

Speaking of my avatar, I made it. No taking.


Like anyone reads this anyway.

Okay well, I'm off. Maybe I'll start posting more. You can only hope ;)

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That annoying little 11 year old David just Instant Messaged me. It said this:

It's past christmas stop playing christmas songs.

My station just started playing that. And I like that song (it was Jingle Bell Rock ^_^).

Me: Um, no.

I would have never friended this guy if I had known he was so annoying. Plus, he's only 11 so he's not past that annoying phase yet.

I get to go see 'Cats' tomorrow! YAY!

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Merry Christmas one and all...even if I'm 2 days late. Christmas was nice, except for the fact that Lindsay got a Snoopy stuffed animal and now she's totally attatched to it and it's driving me absolutly crazy. Other than that it was good.

So anyway, nothing huge to say since school is out, I just wanted to update for the sake of updating so I don't forget that I actually have this journal ^_^


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Today in choir, we had to get ready for the concerts with the little kids that are happening today and tomorrow (I'm performing in both--yipee). I have to sit in the front with my legs to the side because it looks "cute". How flattering.

I got out of it for a grand total of 5 minutes though. Taylor tricked me into going to the "fortress" (aka, the music room. Taylor likes to call it the "fortress" for some reason. Don't ask me, she's weird) to help her write sort the DVD order checks. Only she wouldn't tell me what she was trying to make me do. She just darted across the stage and told me the follow her. I've known Taylor for seven years and I've learned that when she wants you to do something, and she doesn't tell you what it is, chances are it's something that you won't want to do.

So she darted across the stage and I didn't know what she was doing so I just stood there yelling, "Killian, get back here!" (Killian, as in Aja Killian from the Pendragon books. Taylor is a spitting image of her, only you wouldn't know that unless you've read the books). She ignored me though. So I just went back to my seat. Bad move. Five minutes later, she comes out of the music room all annoyed that I "abandoned her".

"You didn't tell me what you were doing".

"That's not the point. C'mon".

Then she dragged me in there, and we had to file a grand total of 1 check. Wow, the people at our school are really cheep. Only Taylor has spent the past week and a half sorting checks, so I guess one check was sort of a relief.

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It really sucks when your last name begins with a C. Especailly when the person who's last name begins with a B forgets her project so that you have to present first. That sucks. But, whatever, my project certainly wasn't the worst, but it was far from the best.

Today in science, we started a lab in which we have to make crystals. Out of salt. On top of charcoal. Where do they come up with this stuf? What does the charcoal do? If anyone knows, please, feel free to comment. Sarah and I did "The Charcoal Garden" (what a creative name. Someone got paid the big bucks to come up with that name), and Samantha and Nikki did that "Salt Garden"(why do they call them gardens anyway?)

Today in choir, we had to practice with all of the little sixth graders (god forbid we sing with enough power to do this alone, oh no, they have to pull in the younger grades). Luckily, there were too many people in the room for anyone to argue today. So, I guess that was good.

I even tried out for a solo. I didn't do so great, but at least I hit some of the correct notes unlike some people (or at least, I think I did). Taylor tried out too, and it didn't sound like she was singing through her nose this time. I couldn't really hear Sarah that well. I'm not going to comment on some of the other performances, they were that bad. But who knows? Someone could be writing the same thing about me right at this very moment. Scary thought.

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Today at school, (and yesterday too) I tried my parents idea of "being positive about the school enviorment" or whatever, and here's the scary thing-- it freakin' worked.

I'm not kidding, I didn't even come close to falling asleep in Math Flex (I haven't done this yet, thought I've come pretty damn close. Nikki has fallen asleep in this class twice. I don't blame her. I hate ballencing my stupid "check book").

But, really though, this is scary.

The day sort of went down the toilet during choir practice because no one really takes it seriously except me and a few other people, and they're just looking for an excuse to goof off like the lazy bums they are.

"I can't sing that high": 4 times

Mocking the lyrics:2

Playing with the "boomwackers" that the 2nd graders use: too many times to count.

Last night I had a dream that the choir was actually sounding good by now. Our concert is in 2 weeks, and we haven't memorized anything because of the stuff listed above.

I'm starting to wonder if I should've taken Teachers Assistant for another semester. Then again, I don't really feel like babysitting 30 3rd graders again.

Well, I'm actually not supposed to be on the computer, so I'd better scram before I get caught...so later.


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Mom came into my room earlier to talk about "what happened last Thursday". Great, thanks mom, i was just starting to forget about that.

She says that she doesn't want me in couseling and she doesn't want me on medication or anything like that. Fine with me. The last thing i need to be doing is swallowing pills and spending my free time with a shrink.

What I want to know is, doesn't every teenager lose control at one point or another sometime in their lives? Why are they making such a big deal? It's not like I slit my wrists or anything. They act like they've never been disappointed in their lives.

Anyway, mom says that she doesn't know whether or not to

a) Still let me go to school functions to "gain experience" or
b) Not let me go to school funtions because it "can't handle them at this point in my life"

Then she went and said that I wasn't even listening, which I was. It's not like i've heard it all before though. It's the same thing every time something like this happens.

I seriously think i have a mental illness.

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Laur_Loor: hihi
Samantha Evander: youve gone mental
Laur_Loor: excuse me?
Samantha Evander: ...
Samantha Evander: oops...
Samantha Evander: that weas for some1 else....
Laur_Loor: what?
Samantha Evander: the thing popped up and i began typing in it not noing
Laur_Loor: riight...did u read?
Samantha Evander: yes
Samantha Evander: good job on Shelby
Laur_Loor: thank u
Samantha Evander: lol
Laur_Loor: she annoys the hell out of me
Samantha Evander: and me\
Samantha Evander: I didnt want to invite her to my b-day u no
Laur_Loor: why did you
Laur_Loor: ?
Samantha Evander: cuz dad was all 'Invite one more person!! Come on!! What about that Shelby girl?'
Laur_Loor: it was a sleep over right?
Samantha Evander: yesh
Laur_Loor: what did she wear for pajamas?
Laur_Loor: Sarah and i guessed that she would wear something like a gown
Samantha Evander: uhhhh
Samantha Evander: no she didnt
Samantha Evander: she wore
Laur_Loor: was it pink?
Samantha Evander: cloth oants and a long sleeve shirt
Samantha Evander: yes
Laur_Loor: did it have feathers?
Samantha Evander: no
Samantha Evander: but it had Teddy bears LOL
Laur_Loor: nice
Samantha Evander: lol
Samantha Evander: all she did during the party was 1
Samantha Evander: play the GC with the game sersis of unfortunent events
Samantha Evander: or 2
Samantha Evander: watch the movie going on, and wanting to play the GC
Samantha Evander: or 3
Samantha Evander: eat
Laur_Loor: nice
Laur_Loor: she ATE?
Samantha Evander: yeah
Laur_Loor: My god, what is the world coming to?
Samantha Evander: we had Pizza and cake and icecream
Laur_Loor: wow
Laur_Loor: I wish i had been there
Laur_Loor: but it was Lindsay's b-day too
Laur_Loor: speaking of lindsay
Laur_Loor: she wants to computer
Laur_Loor: so i g2g
Samantha Evander: kk
Samantha Evander: Bye!
Laur_Loor: bye

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When I got home from school today, mom and dad were totally mad at me for walking home from school without telling them in advance. That's not fair. I told Lindsay to tell them, and she did. What's the problem? It's a two minute drive and a ten minute walk from the school. Whatever. I have more important things to worry about

Like my science fair project. Did you know that we were suposed to have started that in September and it is now November and I haven't done so much as a single piece of research? I'm thinking of making the whole thing up. What's wrong with that? It's not like I'm going to be here anyway. I hope the house is done by the time the science fair rolls around, or I am one dead "gifted" student.

Speaking of gifted, why does everyone think we are special because we are in "advanced" instead of "general" in most of our classes? Well, not EVERYONE thinks that...mainly just Shelby. No one cares what Shelby thinks though. She's a smart-ass. Plus, she thinks because she is better than everyone else because she gets to be in the algerbra class while most of us have to be in "pre-algerbra". A few other people I know are in it, but at least they don't GLOAT about it every chance they get.

You're probably wondering if Shelby annoys me so much, why do I hang out with her anyway? To be honest, I have no clue. I don't really have a choice, she follows me and Nikki and Sarah and Samantha around because Taylor is her friend as well as ours. Plus, no one else wants to be close to her if they can help it.

Until Later,


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I've lost count of how many times I've started a journal and forgotten about it in 3 days.

Im bored.

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